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Without some pictures in my head, it's hard for me to remember the material And thanks to mnemonics, this can be done much faster, and besides, for life. It's not just cramming that you forget after a day. I started preparing in the 10th grade, so it took two years to prepare. Preparation consumed all my free time, while I used for high-quality preparation, inevitably I had to sacrifice something - hobbies, friends. But this is a prerequisite if you want to pass a written work for high scores. In winter, before important olympiads, and before the exam itself, I didn’t see my friends at all. Sometimes I felt that I was terribly tired from the preparation. But in life there is no such thing that everything is easy and pleasant. Efforts and monotonous work are always needed. Sometimes it was easier for me to prepare because using which helped in preparing for the exam. It was hard but I knew I needed to prepare for the exam. Of course, no one says that you need to bring yourself to the clinic - it is important to understand that a person needs rest. But if a person wants to pass the exam with 100 points, he must work and work. And the “work” here is exactly the same as that of the parents, only they earn money. In our case, we are talking about the result. If you constantly feel sorry for yourself, be afraid of something and say “I can’t, I feel so bad”, drop everything - nothing will ever work out. It doesn't matter if it's an exam or something else. A person must have willpower.How and why you need to change the exam I have quite a lot of experience in participating in olympiads - both in the All-Russian and in the list. I started participating in them in the 8th grade. Then it was a spontaneous decision: I saw how my elder sister, an eleventh-grader, writes the “Highest Standard” (this is a listing Olympiad that makes it easier to enter a university), and also decided to participate. I didn’t become a prize-winner, but I realized that I like it. On the one hand, studying the Olympiad material certainly helped me: I knew many topics from the codifier quite deeply even before I started preparing for the exam. But there were minor problems with the “Law” block in social studies: I began to delve into such questions that were simply not needed on the exam. So I often made mistakes during preparation and next time I used help proofread my paper to avoid mistakes. At the same time, when you solve all kinds of tasks, you begin to understand the logic of the compilers: what they take into account and what not. I also consider the exam a worthy option for testing the knowledge of students. But it definitely needs to change to stop being a test of luck. It is clear that luck does not depend on the student, but often determines his final scores. We must try to learn everything, and although it is impossible to master the huge volumes of the codifier by 100%, this is worth striving for. I rate my 300 points as a good completion of my studies at school. This is a clear indicator that all these two years and even more I have not worked in vain. This helps to realize that in life all the work will be rewarded.

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