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Quickly share your design and comments, starting from AutoCAD as an SVG, PDF, DWF or DXF.Include client feedback and comments into your design documentation. Enable your clients to interactively comment on a design that you’ve shared with them, and provide feedback without having to re-share the design.Add comments to your drawings and annotate with markers, arrows, text and lines. Automatically show and hide annotations with your drawings, and when your annotations are attached, they scroll into view automatically.Automatically generate comments that are rich and contextually relevant. Add comments to your drawings that respond to what you’re drawing. If you specify a spatial relationship with your drawings, add notes about that. (video: 1:15 min.)More ways to keep comments synchronized: Mark comments as a comment on the drawing or on a comment box, so that you can see both.Additional and updated features:Version-independent annotation and comments: All new annotation and comments feature are version-independent.Customized annotation and comments on drawings, whether they are opened in AutoCAD or any other application.Enhanced annotation and comments synchronization between applications.New end-to-end annotation and comments experience, with a single click.See expanded list of new featuresDocument Linking:Send a link to your drawings from AutoCAD and other applications.Quickly share a link to your drawings without having to re-draw them, including revisions.Quickly return to the latest drawing in your folder.Keep your folder structures organized when you send links to your drawings.Push drawings from Windows and AutoCAD into the cloud and stay on top of recent changes. (video: 1:19 min.)Built-in tools for you to copy, move, and reuse your linked drawings.Clone drawings from other folders or from the cloud, and replace the original.Display comments and annotations when you open drawings from your folder or the cloud.View comments and annotations of drawings that you’re linked to.More ways to keep your drawings organized and up-to-date:Encrypt or password-protect your drawings.Add bookmarks to your drawings.Send your drawings 2be273e24d

AutoCAD For Windows

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